UCARP and Squeeze

IP fault tolerance on Debian Squeeze couldn't be easier than with UCARP!: Install UCARP on all nodes: apt-get install ucarp Edit /etc/network/interfaces on all nodes, replacing <CLUSTER IP> and <PASSWORD> as appropriate: iface eth0 inet static ... ucarp-vid 3 ucarp-vip <CLUSTER IP> ucarp-password <PASSWORD> ucarp-xparam -n iface eth0:ucarp inet static address <CLUSTER IP> netmask … Continue reading UCARP and Squeeze


Whelp, I've gone and done it -- my first Git project, hosted at GitHub.  I've used Subversion quite a bit, but this is my first foray into the world of DVCS. Aside from the solid technology, the benefits of DVCS, the functionality of the GitHub platform ... the GitHub Bootcamp and Help pages really sold me. … Continue reading GitHub

Convert Dropbox’s Ubuntu package for Squeeze

The Dropbox Ubuntu package almost works on Debian Squeeze … except for one dependency with a numbering scheme that differs between Ubuntu and Debian.  Here is a quick script that extracts the package, corrects the one dependency in DEBIAN/control, and repackages, leaving a new .deb suitable for Squeeze. convertDropbox4Squeeze: #!/bin/sh if [ $# -ne 1 [...]