It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday



Check out this incredible cake!!  This was made by Roseanne, wife of my friend Mark.  @RedHat — do you need someone to bake for your events?

Motley Crue

As great as it is to be heading off to Red Hat to start a new chapter of my life, it truly is difficult to leave my many friends at UConn. Again, thank you all — for the party, and for 17 years of sharing, mentoring, and friendship as we worked for the greater good of the University.  You will all be missed – please keep in touch!


[UPDATE 2013-01-18 13:54] The following was just posted to the weekly IT Employee Newsletter:

Matt Smith, a dedicated professional and highly respected employee of UITS announced his resignation from the University effective January 24th. Matt joined UITS as a student employee supporting desktops and distributed servers in 1996. In those 17 years he developed vast knowledge and technical ability. Under his leadership and “can-do” attitude many technical solutions were researched and implemented. Matt’s expertise made him highly sought after over the years by top leaders in the public and private sectors. Matt has always had a strong commitment to UConn; however, opportunity knocked and he decided to leave and accept a job offer with Red Hat, Inc. Matt will be missed by the University community, his friends and colleagues at UITS, and especially by the Linux team he led since 2009. Please join us in wishing Matt and his family all the best.

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