Done with New Hire Orientation

Time to update the WordPress headshot — I now have my Red Fedora!

rhfaceI’m sitting in the RDU airport, wrapping up three days in Raleigh – two for New Hire Orientation, and one for training on the sales tool.  Ran into David Huff today in the new Red Hat Tower, who echoed a common theme that I’m hearing from Red Hat’rs, triggering this blog post.  Here’s a few of the things I’ve heard:

  • “I love it here!”
  • “This is an awesome place!”
  • “I’m where I want to be!”

There is an excitement here, people working towards common goals, within a common set of philosophies, understanding how they each contribute to the successes of the company.  The work is interesting, challenging, even enjoyable, and the goals are admirable.

Every session at orientation ended with the presenter saying “Welcome to Red Hat!” — and I believe they mean it!

I am incredibly excited to be on board – what a great place to be!


One thought on “Done with New Hire Orientation

  1. Glad to hear things are going so well (jerk). Your use of the word ‘common’ is interesting…it seems the word ‘common’ can have very different meanings depending its use and situation!

    Keep the blog posts going, I miss hearing about your latest build/shiny object! 😉


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