Need to deploy a quick JASIG CAS demo? Try jasig-cas-quickdemo!

My development activities on mod_auth_cas have significantly reduced over the past couple of years.  In trying to reinvigorate my development cycles around mod_auth_cas, I needed to deploy a CAS server.  Deploying CAS is already pretty straightforward — install Tomcat, generate SSL certs, deploy the CAS war, and enjoy.  However, I wanted to automate this process to make it easier to repeatedly redeploy a completely clean environment.

So, I have just posted jasig-cas-quickdemo to GitHub.

jasig-cas-quickdemo is a Maven project that does the following:

  • Downloads and builds the JASIG CAS project,
  • Uses the Maven Tomcat plugin, download deploy Tomcat 7,
  • Generates an SSL cert for HTTPS access, and exports the public cert in PEM format for use by CAS clients,
  • Launch CAS on the local Tomcat 7 instance, with the default username=passwored authenticationHandler,
  • Grants access to the ‘admin’ account for the Services Management interface.

Try the following on Fedora 19+:

$ yum install maven git
$ git clone
$ cd jasig-cas-quickdemo
$ mvn integration-test

Then just point your browser to https://localhost:8443/cas , and you should see the default CAS login screen.

Check out the README for more information.

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