Smith Family Distribution 4.0 Released: “Ryan Timothy”

I am pleased to announce the release of the 4.0 edition of our family distribution, code named “Ryan Timothy”. 9 months of effort has gone into this release, with the final product weighing in at 7lb 6oz and measuring 20″, and with no known bugs at release time! Development Lead Caron made several significant commits through the night, with QA support from Release Engineer Matt. The team is holding on any further commits for a while, and is doing quite well. Ryan joins previous releases (codenamed “Marie Caron”, “Brianna Theresa”, and “Amber Grace”) in a full Long Term Support life cycle, with Extended Lifecycle Support as needed.

4 thoughts on “Smith Family Distribution 4.0 Released: “Ryan Timothy”

  1. Any compatibility issues? Is this release warranted to be Grammy/Grampy and Mem/Pep friendly or will conversion app be required?


    1. I can supply source and build process (though I think you might already know this), and you can rebuild in your own environment 😉


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