Red Hat Chief Architect, Northeast Commercial

So … this happened today:

Matt Smith – Chief Architect, Northeast Commercial
Matt will be taking on the role of Chief Architect for the Northeast team under Sean Spurrier. He has been at Red Hat for 3 years in an Account SA role most recently covering some of our larger Financial Services customers along with being the IDM SME team lead and resident security guru. He has had a great impact on the emerging technology and consulting business of the Northeast and last year won a Chairman’s award as well. He joined us from the University of Connecticut and lives with his wife, 4 children and log chopping machine in the hinterlands of Eastern Connecticut.

I gotta admit — I’ve never been more humbled.  Red Hat is an incredible organization, with incredible people and incredible goals.  To be able to make an impact in such an organization is truly rewarding, and to be recognized with such an opportunity is awesome.

Can you tell I enjoy working here?

Maybe you should too:



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